Aashi Soni’s #CommuteKahani

“Once, when I was travelling in Darjeeling in a tourist bus, and we had to change buses. The driver rushed me so much that I left a white dhoti on the previous bus. I told him that because he kept hurrying me, I lost a dhoti. He took it so seriously that every tourist bus in Darjeeling was informed about it, and everyone was looking for my dhoti. The search continued all day, and the calls kept coming in to find out what colour it was, what it looked like, how much was it worth.

Due to the language barrier, they all misunderstood that this missing dhoti was something special, and it seemed like the entire universe was looking for my mostly-insignificant dhoti.

By the end of the day, the missing dhoti was discovered and returned to me. However, I kept getting calls for weeks asking if I got it back or not. Never knew I’d have a full story to tell about that simple dhoti.”

This #CommuteKahani was sent in by Aashi Soni’s father, who has quite a few interesting tales to tell. Stay tuned to read the rest! Do you also have a commute story to tell?

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